Name Wiress
Age Unknown, but similar to Mrs. Everdeen
Gender Female
Home District 3
Hair Black
Other Small stature, ashen skin
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Catching Fire

Wiress is a victor from District 3, and she is the female tribute from her district for the 3rd Quarter Quell. Wiress is extremely intelligent, however she has a tendency of dropping off her sentences in the middle of them. Beetee often knows what she is about to say though, and finishes her sentences for her. Wiress and Beetee spend a lot more time with each other then some of the tributes from the other districts. They are almost always together.

Being from District 3, Wiress knows a lot about electricity and other technologies. She, like Beetee, is an inventor, and during training she explains one of her projects to Katniss Everdeen. It's a stitching device that senses the density of the fabric and selects the proper thread strength. She stops her explanation mid-sentence, but Beetee intervenes explaining how this rules out the chance for human error.

[edit] Training

Katniss Everdeen meets both Wiress and Beetee during training for the 3rd Quarter Quell. They meet at the firemaking station, and Katniss decides they would make suitable allies.

It's at training when Wiress shows Katniss the "chink" in the force-fields. The chink is a small square where the force-field is weaker, and it's slightly visible by tiny waves which distorts the shape of whatever is behind it. This knowledge becomes very useful for Katniss in the Clock Arena.

It is also during training that Katniss learns from Peeta Mellark that Wiress is known as 'Nuts' and Beetee as 'Volts'. Wiress' nickname is likely due to her habit of dropping of mid-sentence. However, this knowledge only furthers Katniss' resolve to have them as allies.

[edit] 3rd Quarter Quell

Katniss Everdeen does not meet up with Wiress until the second day. When she did, Wiress was with Beetee and Johanna Mason. They had just gotten out of the blood rain section of the Clock Arena, where they lost Blight.

Wiress kept repeating "Tick, tock", and Johanna brushed it off as being in shock. Johanna wasn't particularly patient with Wiress, and only brought Wiress and Beetee (whom she called Nuts and Volts) because Haymitch Abernathy had told her that was Katniss' condition for being allies. However, Beetee was badly hurt, and unable to convey what it was Wiress meant by "Tick, tock".

As it turns out, Wiress knew the truth about the Clock Arena. She had been trying to tell the others that the arena worked as a clock, with different disasters being triggered in different sections every hour. Katniss was finally able to figure this out, much to the pleasure of Wiress.

After the nature of the arena is discovered, Wiress is in a much better mood. Beetee asks her to clean the wire he has been clutching, and she goes over to the sea to do so. She sings while she does, and Katniss likens her to a canary. She explains to the others that in District 12 they would bring canaries into the mines. They would sing until they ran out of air, and if left unattended would die shortly afterwards. This was a warning to the miners about the danger. While washing the wire Wiress suddenly stops singing, alerting Katniss to the danger. Sure enough, Wiress had been killed, but luckily Katniss reacted in time to save the others. Wiress had still been clutching Beetee's wire, so Katniss had to swim out to where she was floating and retrieve it before the hovercraft took her body.

[edit] Memorable Quotes

  • "Tick, tock"
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