Seneca Crane

Seneca Crane
Name Seneca Crane
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Home The Capitol
Portrayed by Wes Bentley

Seneca Crane was the Head Gamemaker for the 74th Hunger Games. Despite not being in the book The Hunger Games, he will be in the The Hunger Games movie. In the book series he is not mentioned until Catching Fire, when he is already dead. He is executed for having let Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark both live after their anticipated suicide with the nightlock. According to President Snow Crane should have "blown [Katniss] to dust", leaving Peeta to be the sole victor. However, he allowed the rules to be changed once more and Katniss and Peeta both won, and the Capitol started to face many uprisings in the districts.

During her private training session for the 3rd Quarter Quell, Katniss wants to make an impression on the Gamemakers, particularly Plutarch Heavensbee who took over for Crane as Head Gamemaker. So she fashions a noose like she had seen Finnick Odair do earlier in training, then places it around the neck of one of the training dummies. She then uses the chin-up bars to effectively 'hang' the dummy by the neck. Finally, using red berry juice from the camouflage station, she paints the name 'Seneca Crane' on the dummy.

This has the desired affect on the Gamemakers, and they are all in shock. Katniss did it to show that even they are vulnerable, just like the tributes (children, in all Games but the 3rd Quell) whose lives they sacrifice. Not only that, but according to Effie Trinket Crane's execution was supposed to be secret. Katniss' entire team is appalled by what she did, but it accomplished what she hoped it would. However, as a repercussion she received a 12 in training, which highlighted her as a target for all the other victors.

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