Name Seeder
Age ~60
Gender Female
Home District 11
Hair Straight, black, and graying
Eyes Golden brown
Other Olive skin, strong looking, ressembles someone from the Seam
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Catching Fire

Seeder won a Hunger Games many years previously, and she is the female tribute for District 11 for the 3rd Quarter Quell. Katniss Everdeen describes her as looking as if she could be from the Seam in District 12, save for her eyes. Also, Katniss remarks that despite being around sixty years of age Seeder looked quite strong, and was not one of the victors to use alcohol, morphling or other substances as an escape.

When she meets Katniss after the chariot ride during the opening ceremonies Seeder hugs Katniss. Katniss ssumes it's because of Rue and Thresh, who were both from Seeder's district. When Katniss asks about their families Seeder assures her that they are alive.

Seeder is one of the many tributes who help create a mess of the audience during the Quell interviews. She talks about how her district sees President Snow as all-powerful, and how he should be able to stop the Quell, or at least change it. Her district partner Chaff follows directly after her, and while they both mention Snow, they very cleverly say how he must not know how it's affecting the audience, rather than that he doesn't care.

Whilst not directly addressed within the books, it is speculated that Seeder won her Hunger Games because she could go longer periods of time without food than any of the other districts. In essence, she did not win her games through a particularly strong skill, just a mixture of good luck and a positive side-effect of having a poor upbringing -- i.e., coming from a poor district, she is already used to having a lack of food. During the Quarter Quell, Seeder did not last very long and was ultimately killed during the initial Cornucopia bloodbath.

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