Name Rue
Age 12
Gender Female
Home District 11
Physical Appearance Small, birdlike, golden eyes
First Appearance The Hunger Games
Last Appearance The Hunger Games
Portrayed By Amandla Stenberg

Rue was the female tribute from District 11 for the 74th Hunger Games. She often reminded Katniss of her own sister Primrose Everdeen. However while 12-year-old Prim had Katniss to volunteer in her place at the Reaping, 12-year-old Rue had nobody. She was the oldest of many children, and was well known in her district.

[edit] District 11

Her district was the agriculture district, and Rue, being the smallest, was able to climb up highest in the trees in the orchard. As such she was the first to be able to see the flag signalling the end of the work day, and she would whistle a simple four-note melody to notify the other workers. The mockingjays nearby would pick up on her song, and it would carry across the orchard. This is the same four-note melody she teaches Katniss.

This is also why Rue is so good with climbing trees. When Katniss warns Rue that she is going to set the tracker jackers on the Career pack Rue takes off, leaping from tree to tree. Growing up working in the orchards gave her that ability. She also was able to recognize the tracker jacker nest since there were many left in the orchards of 11, and she knew the leaves that would draw the poison out.

[edit] 74th Hunger Games

In the Games Rue and Katniss decide to become allies. This is largely because Rue reminds Katniss so much of Prim. When Katniss was in the tree hiding from the Career pack, Rue pointed out the tracker jacker nest as a warning to her from a nearby tree, before leaving the area. Rue didn't have to point it out to Katniss, but for some reason she did.

Sometime later they met up again and decided to team up. Rue knew a lot of things from living in her district that Katniss hadn't known, and together they did a lot better. For example the glasses that Katniss had thought were for the sun and had passed off for not working correctly Rue recognized as nightglasses like ones they used in her district during harvests. They allowed people to see more clearly in complete darkness. She also recognized some berries and plants as edible and having healing properties that she was able to show Katniss.

Together Rue and Katniss came up with a plan to sabotage the Career's stash of food. It involved Rue lighting some fires as a diversion, so Katniss could wreck their camp. This is when the four-note melody came in handy. After destroying the camp, Katniss went to wait for Rue at their agreed meeting place, but she wasn't there. Trying not to be impatient, Katniss waited awhile longer. Eventually she checked the third fire and saw that it had never been lit.

She then heard the mockingjays singing the four-note melody, that was supposed to mean Rue was safe but couldn't come to the meeting place. However she then heard a bloodcurdling scream, followed by Rue screaming Katniss' name. Katniss cried out in return and came just as Marvel, the male from District 1, thrust a spear into Rue, who had been caught in a net. Furious, Katniss shot Marvel, her first direct kill in the Games. Although too late to save Rue, Katniss sang her a song as she was dying, and as a last goodbye and with a touch of rebellion, she covered Rue in nearby flowers. She commented that they may have been weeds, but they were pretty shades of violet, white and yellow. As a last notion to Rue she touched the three middle fingers of her left hand to her lips and held them out to Rue. She then left without looking back.

As she walked away, a young mockingjay began to sing Rue's four-note melody. The song Katniss had sung was too complex, so he sang this one. Katniss told him that yes, Rue was now safe. No one could hurt her now.

[edit] After the Games

Although in the video of the Games afterwards Katniss sang the entire song to Rue as she died, the videomakers cut out the part with the flowers, because of the rebellious nature of it. This, the momemt with Rue covered in flowers before the hovercraft came, was what Peeta Mellark chose to paint for the gamemakers during his private training session before the 3rd Quarter Quell, which greatly appalled Effie Trinket, Portia and Haymitch Abernathy.

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