Name Octavia
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Home The Capitol
First Appearance The Hunger Games
Last Appearance Mockingjay
Portrayed by Brooke Bundy

Octavia is one of the three members of Katniss Everdeen's prep team during her participation in both of her Games and also for the shooting of her Mockingjay videos. She worked alongside Flavius, Venia and Cinna to assure that Katniss looked her very best.

Octavia is relatively young, probably in her early twenties according to the books. Her skin has been dyed green as a beauty statement, and the shade of it changes throughout the books. She is slightly large, due to her luxurious lifestyle in the Capitol. This is of course why it is so hard for her - like all the Capitol natives - to adapt to live in District 13.

[edit] In Catching Fire

Of the prep team, Octavia also seems to be the most emotional, and cannot contain herself when preparing Katniss for the Quarter Quell. She and Flavius both have to leave the room, leaving Venia by herself. Katniss is surprised by the reaction, because she always saw her prep team as dogs; pets of the Capitol. However, it seems that the prep team, especially the emotional Octavia cannot handle Katniss - whom the whole country has come to adore and admire - being sent back out to possible death once again.

[edit] In Mockingjay

Octavia, with Flavius and Venia, were sent to District 13 to assist Katniss with her Mockingjay uniform, as were Cinna's wishes. Plutarch Heavensbee leads Katniss to meet the prep team as a surprise to her, instead though, what she saw horrified her. Because of Octavia 'stealing' bread from the supplies of District 13, the whole prep team were beaten up as punishment. Katniss immediately asked for their release and even without her shackles, the horror of what happened was still branded in Octavia's mind to the point that Flavius needs to remind her that Katniss won't hurt her.

Octavia, along with Flavius and Venia join Katniss at the Everdeen and Hawthorne table in the dining hall the day Katniss finds them deep underground. Poor Octavia is still badly shaken, and it's Gale's little sister who is able to help her the most. Posy asks why Octavia's skin is green, asking if she was sick. This brings the young woman close to tears, as she explains it was supposed to be pretty. After some contemplation Posy exclaims that Octavia would look pretty no matter what colour she was. This finally causes poor Octavia to smile.

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