Maysilee Donner

Maysilee Donner
Name Maysilee Donner
Age ~16 at time of death
Gender Female
Home District 12
Physical Appearance Blonde hair
Weapon Poisonous blow darts
First Appearance mentioned in Catching Fire

Maysilee Donner was one of the two female tributes from District 12 in the 50th Hunger Games - also known as the 2nd Quarter Quell in which two male and female tribues were taken from each district. These were the same Games Haymitch Abernathy was a tribute in.

Maysilee was one of the merchants' kids - her parents owned a sweet shop. She was good friends with Mrs. Everdeen when they were kids, and when Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen watch the video from the 2nd Quarter Quell, they see Mrs. Everdeen as a teenage girl, hugging Maysilee as her name was called. Madge Undersee's mother was also there, hugging her twin sister. Katniss' mother never talked about Maysilee to either of her daughters until the day the Third Quarter Quell was announced. Katniss thinks her mother knew she and Prim would ask how Maysilee died, and Mrs. Everdeen wouldn't want to talk about it.

[edit] 2nd Quarter Quell

During the Quarter Quell Maysilee manages to secure a small backpack for herself at the Cornucopia. Although it only holds a bowl, dried brief and a blowgun with twenty-four darts, she manages to combine the darts with the poisons abundant in the arena to make a lethal weapon. She uses this weapon to save Haymitch Abernathy on about the fourth day. He had killed two of three of the Careers he was faced with, but the third was about to slice his throat open when Maysilee killed him with a dart, and announced they'd be better off as an alliance. Haymitch agrees and so they ally together, and make a lot more progress.

However, with only five tributes left Maysilee decides to break the alliance, since Haymitch keeps insisted on going forwards. He is trying to find where the arena stops, since it cannot go on forever, and indeed this is how he wins the Games. But Maysilee decides to turn around, and she does not want to have to face off with Haymitch at the end since there were only five left anyways. So she leaves.

It's not long afterwards that, on the video Peeta and Katniss are watching, Maysilee starts to scream. Even though Maysilee broke the alliance Haymitch comes running, just in time to witness her death. It seems as if Maysilee had killed most of a flock of pink birds, but the final one stabs her in the neck with its long beak. Haymitch holds her hand while she dies, and then Maysilee is gone.

[edit] Aftermath

After the Quarter Quell Maysilee's parents gave Mrs. Everdeen Maysilee's songbird - a canary. Maysilee's twin sister, now Mrs. Undersee, is overcome with pain and hardly ever leaves her bed. She tries to hide from the world, much like Mrs. Everdeen used to do after her husband had died. Katniss realizes while watching the tape from Maysilee's Games that her mockingjay pin - the one she received from Maysilee's niece Madge Undersee once belonged to Maysilee herself.

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