Name Mags
Age 80
Gender Female
Home District 4
Physical Appearance Uses a cane
Weapon of choice Awl?
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Catching Fire

Mags is an old female victor from District 4. She is also the district's tribute during the 3rd Quarter Quell, because she volunteers in the place of Annie Cresta. Since she is so old, it is likely that Mags volunteered to save Annies life, much like Katniss Everdeen choose to save Prim's rather than for the chance to compete. Mags later sacrifices herself again for Peeta during the Games, this time to a sure death.

Katniss has a hard time understanding Mags, due to both a strong accent and her "garbled speech". Katniss suggests Mags has perhaps had a stroke, but either way she doesn't usually know what Mags is trying to say. Katniss still wants her on her team, however, for volunteering for Annie like Katniss did for Prim.

[edit] Training

Mags and Katniss Everdeen meet during training for the 3rd Quarter Quell. Finnick Odair introduces them to each other at the fishing section. Mags, being from the fishing district, is very good at making hooks and teaches Katniss a few things. Katniss even begins ignoring the instructer completely and just copying Mags.

[edit] 3rd Quarter Quell

Unable to walk fast enough by herself, Mags sacrifices herself to the poisonous fog of the Clock Arena when neither Finnick Odair nor Katniss Everdeen can carry her any longer. Finnick cannot carry her because he is carrying Peeta Mellark already, and when he apologizes Mags backs into the fog without a second thought. Katniss is shocked at how Mags would give her life for Peeta's, but it is later revealed that Mags likely had some idea about the escape plan. She knew that for Finnick to remain allies with Katniss, Peeta would have to be alive. She was one of many people who choose to save Peeta's life during the Quell.

Johanna Mason revealed to Katniss, although somewhat rudely, that Mags was Finnick's mentor. This would have made it even harder for Finnick to choose Peeta over Mags, but he did.

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