Hazelle Hawthorne

Hazelle Hawthorne
Name Hazelle Hawthorne
Gender Female
Home District 12
First Appearance The Hunger Games
Last Appearance

Hazelle Hawthorne is mother of Gale Hawthorne and his many younger siblings. Her husband died in the same mining incident that killed Mr. Everdeen. Hazelle lived in District 12 with her family before it was set on fire at the end of Catching Fire.

In Catching Fire it is also mentioned that Hazelle did laundry and other work around the house for Haymitch Abernathy. Before that it was mostly on Gale to do all the work for the family - i.e. earning the money and bringing home the food. Hazelle had a hard time getting over her husband's death, much like Mrs. Everdeen.

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