Name Known as 'Foxface'
Home District 5
Gender Female
First Appearance The Hunger Games
Last Appearance The Hunger Games
Portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson
Physical Appearance Red hair
Weapon Her wit
Nickname(s) Foxface by Katniss

Foxface is the female tribute from District 5 for the 74th Hunger Games. She is only ever known as 'Foxface', because that is what Katniss calls her from the beginning. She has red hair and is cunning, and her face resembles that of a fox, all leading to her nickname.

[edit] In The Hunger Games

Katniss often says that of all the tributes that year, she thinks Foxface was the smartest. The girl's wit and instinct allowed to last a long time in the competition. She memorized the pattern of mines surrounding the Careers' camp and is able to get in and steal some of their food. She only takes a little, so that the Careers don't notice. This is also what alerts Katniss to the trap around the camp. When Katniss manages to blow up the Careers' camp, Foxface dances for joy. She is so cunning that Katniss considers making an alliance with her, but immediately decides against it.

When the six remaining tributes (Katniss, Peeta, Cato, Clove, Thresh and Foxface herself) were called to the cornucopia for a Feast - i.e. where they would be given something they desperately needed - Foxface hid in the cornucopia. When the backpacks were delivered she darted in and picked up just her own, running away before anyone else could catch her. She could've taken the other bags but didn't, because she knew the others would pursue her. Katniss commented on how that was a smart strategy, and she wished she had thought of it.

Foxface is the fourth last tribute standing. She dies at the hands of an unknowing Peeta Mellark. Peeta had been gathering berries that he thought had been the ones Katniss had gathered herself before. However, the berries were a deadly lookalike, and known as nightlock. Foxface stole some of those as well as a bit of the cheese Katniss had left out. Again, she didn't take much and Katniss was ready to blame Peeta for the missing cheese. It's not until a cannon goes off and Foxface is retrieved by a hovercraft that Katniss realizes that Foxface took the food. She was too bright to have eaten the berries if they'd been set out as a trap, but since Peeta had been prepared to eat them himself she thought they were safe. She is also the first (and only) person that Peeta was responsible for killing, even accidentally.

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