District 4

District 4
District 4.jpg
Name District 4
Industry Fishing
Victors Finnick Odair
Annie Cresta
Mayor Unknown
Rebels Finnick Odair
Annie Cresta

District 4 is one of the 13 districts of Panem, and is believed to be by a large body of water, both because of their industry and their ability to swim. The tributes from this district had an edge in the The Hunger Games that Annie Cresta won because there was a flood and she was the best swimmer (her male partner had died previously). These tributes also had an edge in the Clock Arena for the 3rd Quarter Quell because a lot portion of the small arena was water. The tributes had to be able to swim just to be able to reach the cornucopia in time to grab the good weapons. The tributes from District 4 are often better fed and more in-shape that tributes from other district, and often these tributes make up part of the Career pack. District 4 also is said to have the most decent looking people.

[edit] Industry

It is known for the fishing industry. Finnick Odair had an edge in his Games because he was given a trident, which was one of the most expensive gifts ever given. Having grown up around the water, he was extremely skilled with the weapon and pairing that with his ability to tie knots (also from his district's trade), he was able to craft nets to capture his opponents and then kill them with the trident. Within days of receiving the weapon he was crowned victor. Mags also had many skills from her industry, including the ability to tie knots and make hooks out of almost anything.

[edit] Known Inhabitants

  • Mags - Victor of a past Hunger Games, female tribute in the 3rd Quarter Quell. Dies after sacrificing herself to the posionous fog in the Clock Arena in order to save Peeta Mellark.
  • Annie Cresta - Victor of a past Hunger Games, was supposed to be tribute in the 3rd Quarter Quell but Mags volunteered in her stead. Married to Finnick Odair. Alive.
  • An unnamed female tribute who died during the tracker jacker attack in the [[74th Hunger Games]
  • An unnamed male tribute who died during the cornucopia battle in the 74th Hunger Games
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