District 2

District 2
District 2.jpg
Name District 2
Industry Weapons
Victors Brutus
Mayor Unknown
Rebels Lyme

District 2 is one of the 13 districts of Panem and one of three districts known as the Career districts. Career districts are those that train their children to become tributes and often see many volunteers stepping up during their Reapings. This is technically against the rules since no training is supposed to happen before the tributes reach the training center, but year after year it goes unresponded to by the Capitol.

District 2 is defined as being located near the Capitol, in the mountains. Somewhere in its district is a giant mountain called The Nut that serves as a military base. Not only is District 2 near the Capitol geographically, but District 2 is treated the best of all the districts. They have more victors than any other district, and while they are not as well off as those in the Capitol, the citizens of 2 do experience small luxuries the other districts do not get. As a result District 2 is the last district to rebel against the Capitol in Mockingjay.

[edit] Industry

District 2's is home of Panem's stone quarries. They also supplies weapons and other battle materials for the Capitol, and trains Peacekeepers that serve across the country. It is not well known that Peacekeepers come from District 2, but rather they are assumed to be from the Capitol itself. This however is actually rare, since not many people are willing to leave the luxury of the Capitol to live in one of the districts.

[edit] The Nut

The 'Nut' was nicknamed as such by Katniss Everdeen after Plutarch Heavensbee told her that "District 2 would be a tough nut to crack". The Nut was a mountain that contained District 2's military base and was practically impenetrable.

[edit] Known Inhabitants

  • Cato - Male tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. Gains a huge hatred for Katniss Everdeen after she drops a tracker jacker nest on him and blows up his suuplies. Dies from a merciful shot from Katniss after being attacked by muttations during the Games.
  • Lyme - Victor of a past Hunger Games. She plays a large role in planning the destruction of the Nut during the rebel's quest to bring down District 2 in Mockingjay.

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