Delly Cartwright

Delly Cartwright
Name Delly Cartwright
Age 16 (in The Hunger Games)
Gender Female
Home District 12
Physical Appearance Slightly chubby, blonde hair
First Appearance The Hunger Games (mention)
Last Appearance Mockingjay

Delly Cartwright is the same age as Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, and was in their class at school. Like Peeta her parents were merchants, so they played together a lot. She and Katniss never played or talked, and while Katniss thinks it's because she was too antisocial, Delly claims it was because of how intimidated by and admiring of Katniss all the other kids were.

[edit] In The Hunger Games

While she doesn't have any lines, Delly is mentioned in the first book of the series. When Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark first arrive in the Capitol, they see a red-headed girl, whom Katniss beings to refer to as Avox Girl. However, Katniss recognized her from years earlier, when the girl (later learned to be Lavinia) and the boy she was with were running from a hovercraft. Lavinia called for help, but Katniss and Gale Hawthorne, who had been hunting together outside District 12 did nothing. The boy was killed, and Lavinia was taken away, and Katniss now learns that her tongue had been mutilated so she could no longer talk, and she was forced to work as a servant.

However, Effie Trinket claims that there was no way Katniss could know the traitorous Avox, so Peeta steps in to defend Katniss, claiming the Avox Girl looked like Delly Cartwrightfrom home Of course, happy, slightly plump Delly looks nothing like Lavinia, but Katniss took the excuse and did not object.

[edit] In Mockingjay

This is the first time Delly shows up as a character. She helps Peeta get through what is real and not real.

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