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[edit] Clock Arena

The Clock Arena was used during the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire wherein the past victors were chosen to be tributes instead of the regular tributes. The protagonist of the series, Katniss Everdeen was automatically chosen to become the tribute of District 12 since she was the only female victor from the district. Snow wanted her dead

The Clock Arena worked like, as its name implies, a clock. The arena is a perfect circle divided into twelve sections. Every hour, a certain disaster of sorts occurs in one of the programmed areas. For example, when the clock strikes midnight, lightning will surge through one of the areas of the arena. The cornucopia is in the middle of this arena, this clock, with the tail end of it pointing towards the section with the lightning - twelve o'clock.

[edit] Sections

Here is a list of each of the twelve areas and the disasters that occur there. Some are unknown if neither Katniss nor any of her allies encountered the disaster.

[edit] 1. Lightning Storm

Midnight and noon. At midnight twelve bongs sound, such as those made by a bell. At noon there is no bell. Then lightning hits the lightning-struck tree. From the identical tree in section 2, Katniss observes that when the lightning hits the tree it encircles it in a blue-white glow, and saturates the nearby air with electricity. After the initital hit, a lightning storm continues for one hour. While the bell sounds at midnight only, everything else is the same whether it be 12am or 12pm.

[edit] 2. Blood Rain

1am to 2am and 1pm to 2pm. Blood pours down from the sky for an hour, making it impossible to see or speak. Johanna, Wiress and Beetee encounter this the second day before finding Katniss and company. Blight, the male from District 7 was with them until he hit the force field in his temporary blindness.

[edit] 3. Poisonous Fog

2am to 3am and 2pm to 3pm. An acidic gas that comes on in the form of a thick wall. It burns chemically at the touch, and targets nerves, taking away the victim's control of the body by resulting in jerking motions. It too lasts for only an hour, during which it covers the entire section, then rises up and disappears. Katniss and company enoucnter this the second day, but while she, Peeta and Finnick manage to make it out, Mags sacrifices herself so Finnick can carry Peeta. They discovered while rinsing the effective areas in the water stung, it helped released the poison back into the water or air, and ulitmately helped the victim to feel better. An hour or so the affected area scabs over and the hurt seems to turn to itching, according to Katniss' account. An ointment seems to help the itching, though it stains the skin green and causes the scabs to peel.

[edit] 4. Monkey Mutts

3am to 4am and 3pm to 4pm. Dozens of bright orange monkeys attack with fangs and claws. Their attacks seem to be triggered by eye contact, as this is when they begin to attack Peeta. Katniss and Finnick run in to help, and the morphling from District 6 is killed as she too saves Peeta's life by intercepting a monkey attack. Once the hour is up the monkeys retreat back into the trees and return to the jungle. A while later the carcasses of the dead monkeys disappear quite suddenly, with only the shift of vines to trigger it.

[edit] 5. Jabberjays

4am to 5am and 4pm to 5pm. Jabberjays - mutt birds designed by the Capitol - mimick screams of the victors' loved ones causing them to think that those people are in the arena and undergoing pain. Katniss first hears her little sister Prim screaming, and Finnick hears that of his lover Annie. Katniss then hears Gale. Even though they know its jabberjays, there is something about the scream that makes them run towards it anyways, terrified. Even worse, there is an invisible wall that blocks off the entire wedge from the rest of the clock for an hour, so no one can go in or out. Despite the horrifying effects the birds have on Katniss and Finnick, Johanna claims they cannot hurt her since there's nobody left that she loves.

[edit] 7. Beast

6am to 7am and 6pm to 7pm. No more than this is known, since Katniss and company observe a hovercraft retrieve a body that appears to be in at least five different pieces. Katniss decides she never wants to know more than that.

[edit] 8. Unknown

7am to 8am and 7pm to 8pm.

[edit] 9. Unknown

8am to 9am and 8pm tp 9pm.

[edit] 10. Unknown

9am to 10am and 9pm to 10pm.

[edit] 11. Giant Wave

10am to 11am and 10pm to 11am Fairly self-explanatory, a huge wave starts in the forest (near the outside of the wedge), and goes inwards towards the cornucopia. One tribute is killed by this wave, and it is so large it even disturbs the water near Katniss.

[edit] 12. Insects

11am to 12am and 11pm to midnight.

Again, not much is known except Katniss and company hear a lot of clicking sounds coming from this wedge while they are in Section 11, and they assume this noise is made by insects.  The 'insects' never come out to the beach though, so Katniss and her group never see them.  The second time they hear the insects, Beetee decides they're not mechanical, Katniss suggests they're beetles and Finnick thinks they have pincers.  The clicking tends to speed up and get louder when the people talk nearby.

[edit] Discovering the Clock

Wiress from District 3 was the one to first figure out the clock, but she wasn't able to communicate it. She kept repeating "Tick, tock". It was Katniss who finally managed to figure out the puzzle.

However, on the second day - shortly after figuring out the arena was a clock and the cornucopia pointed to twelve - the beach the cornucopia was on spun viciously, disorienting Finnick, Peeta, Katniss, Johanna and Beetee (along with the surviving members of the Career pack) so they no longer knew which section was which. Thanks to Peeta's diagram they knew the order a few of them were in, but had no way of telling which was which until they encountered one of the disasters. Finnick had had the idea of using the sun, but Katniss said it could only be relied on to tell the time, not where twelve o'clock was on the clock. Not realizing it until later, Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee had actually hinted at the arena being a clock when he saw her on the Victory Tour. He showed her his watch (therefore a clock), which had the symbol of the Mockingjay in it and said "It starts at midnight". She was not yet a tribute in the Games, and as Plutarch admits after Katniss is rescued, he only showed it to her as a mentor, thinking it might help her help her tributes, as well as gain her trust. He didn't realize she'd be a tribute herself.

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