Name Chaff
Age in his 40s
Gender Male
Home District 11
Physical Appearance Dark-skinned, six feet tall, missing a hand
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Catching Fire

Chaff is a Hunger Games victor from District 11, having won 30 years previous to Catching Fire. One of his arms ends in a stump, and it is assumed he lost his hand during his first Games, and refused the artificial replacement that he was surely offered. Chaff is the male tribute for District 11 in the 3rd Quarter Quell. While watching the recap of the reapings Effie Trinket comments that Chaff never could stay out of a fight. He and Haymitch Abernathy are particular friends, and allegedly drink a lot on television during the Games.

[edit] In Catching Fire

When they first met after the chariot ride during the opening cermonies, Chaff gave Katniss Everdeen a sloppy kiss, much to her disgust. This made her reluctant to go anywhere near him, but Peeta Mellark convinces her to eat lunch with him. Chaff is much more bearable, and Katniss realizes that the serious Haymitch finds comfort in Chaff's jokes. After all, Chaff mostly makes fun of himself.

During the course of the interviews leading up to the Quarter Quell many of the tributes say things that make the audience a wreck. Chaff follows up what district partner Seeder said directly before him by adding that surely President Snow does have the power to change the Quell, as Seeder suggested, but just doesn't realize how much it hurts the people in the Capitol.

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