Name Cato
Gender Male
Home District 2
First Appearance The Hunger Games
Last Appearance The Hunger Games
Portrayed By Alexander Ludwig

Cato is the male tribute for District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. He is one of the Careers, and seems to have good odds of winning. He sticks with the rest of the Career pack, which consists of Clove from his district, Marvel, Glimmer, the boy tribute from District 3, and the District 4 tributes. Peeta Mellark is originally part of the Career pack, but after helping Katniss Everdeen escape after she sets the tracker jackers loose on them, Cato attacks him in the leg and leaves him for dead.

Partway through the Games it is announced that the two tributes from the same district can both be victors if they are the last two left, which was a new rule for the Hunger Games. Other than Peeta and Katniss, the only tibutes this actually benefited were Cato and Clove, because every other district had lost at least one of their tributes. However, when Clove is killed by Thresh, even that possibility is gone.

When each tribute is awarded an item at a feast that is used as a tool to both draw tributes together and give them something useful, Cato is given a suit that, when worn, deflects all weapons and objects targeted at him. When Katniss later shoots an arrow at him, it bounces off, and she realizes that the items the Capitol gave him was a form of armor that renders him nearly impossible to be harmed.

Cato proves himself an adept killer throughout the Games. Other than Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen, Cato is the last tribute standing. He ends up hanging around the cornucopia with Katniss and Peeta when they are the only three left, after they have fled from muttations the Gamemakers released on them. The muttation dogs that appear near the end of the novel attack Cato relentlessly, and finally Katniss shoots him with an arrow out of mercy to put him out of his misery.

When Katniss aims with the arrow, Cato can be seen looking at her and mouthing "Please". He was pleading with her to end his life.

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