Catching Fire

Catching Fire (Book)
Catching Fire Cover
Author Suzanne Collins
Cover Illustrator Tim O'Brien
Sequel To The Hunger Games
Prequel To Mockingjay

Catching Fire is a science-fiction novel directed towards young adults. It's the second installment in the three-book series known as The Hunger Games Trilogy.

[edit] Story

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are back for another installment. They have also returned to District 12, after winning the 74th Hunger Games. They each receive a house in Victor's Village for winning, and while there are twelve houses total in the village, the only other one occupied belongs to Haymitch Abernathy.

However, things have not worked out the way Katniss hoped they would. In order to save both her and Peeta's lives, Katniss and Peeta had pretended to eat the poisonous nightlock berries to avoid one of them having to kill the other. Since their double death would have meant no victor and would have not appeased the audience, the Gamemakers instructed them to stop immediately. However, this simple act had unknown repercussions, and now Katniss has to keep up the show that she loves Peeta in order to convince everyone her decision had been a desperate one out of love, and not a rebellious one. President Snow even comes to Katniss' house directly to inform her that she must convince him himself that she loves Peeta without a shadow of a doubt when Katniss and Peeta go on their Victory Tour. Otherwise the results could be disastrous.

On their Victory Tour Peeta and Katniss do their best, but it proves not to be enough. Even the wedding they plan as a final effort to convince all of Panem is not sufficient.

The Capitol has its own way of countering what they view as a rebellion. To 'celebrate' the 75th Hunger Games a Quarter Quell is held, as there is every 25 years. Quarter Quells always have some special twist to them, and this time the news is devastating. President Snow announces that this years tributes will be chosen from a pool of existing tributes. For District 12, this means Katniss - the only female victor - is returning to the arena. It also means either Peeta or Haymitch, the only live male victors, is also going back.

The Quarter Quell takes place on what turns out to be a living clock. It is divided into twelve sections and each hour one sections experiences something horrible. Some of the tributes are finally able to figure this out and are able to work around it. Katniss and Peeta have allied themselves with Finnick Odair of District 4, Johanna Mason of District 8 and Beetee from District 3 by the end of the novel. The five of them come up with a plan to escape the arena, and it almost works. However, Peeta and Johanna (along with Enobaria, the female tribute from District 2) are captured by the Capitol and only Katniss, Beetee and Finnick rescued. Their rescuers turn out to be people from the elusive District 13, the district everyone thought had been completely wiped out by the Capitol by means of nuclear desctruction during the Dark Days. What's more, Gale was with them when Katniss woke up.

This novel ends rather abruptly, and leads right into the next and final installment of the series, Mockingjay.

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