Name Brutus
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Home District 2
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Catching Fire
Weapon of choice Spear

Brutus is a victor from District 2, and he is the male tribute for his district in the 3rd Quarter Quell. He is part of the Career pack and during the Quell travels with a large group of other people, including Enobaria, Gloss and Cashmere.

During training for the Quarter Quell Brutus witnesses Katniss Everdeen's shooting abilities and requests her as an ally. Numerous tributes request Katniss as an ally, so this would not be surprising except being from District 2 Brutus did not know about the escape plan. Many tributes did, and as such wanted to ally with Katniss to protect her and to make sure they did not kill each other before the escape. This shows that Brutus was truly in awe of her shooting abilities, so much so he wanted her to join the Career pack.

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