Annie Cresta

Annie Cresta
Name Annie Cresta
Age Between 17 and 23
Gender Female
Home District 4
Physical Appearance Long brown hair and sea-blue eyes
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Mockingjay

Annie Cresta is from District 4 and is the lover of Finnick Odair. She is always described as being mad (as in crazy), but throughout the series she seems to become better through Finnick's help.


[edit] Victor

Annie won the 70th Hunger Games, 5 years before the 3rd Quarter Quell. She went mad when she witnessed her district partner beheaded, and she went into hiding after that. An earthquake occurred in the games, and that earthquake caused a series of floods, and, being from District 4, Annie ended up winning because of her superior swimming abilities. However, her partner's death and the Hunger Games in general clearly traumatized her and she's been considered at least slightly mad ever since. She has a habit of covering her ears with her hands, shutting her eyes, dropping out of conversation, or laughing at odd places in conversation.

[edit] In Catching Fire

Annie first appears in Catching Fire. She is originally called to be the female tribute from District 4 for the Quarter Quell, which calls upon previous victors, but Mags volunteers to take her place. Due to Mags' age, Katniss assumes this is to protect the young mad girl from death.

It is discovered during the Games that Finnick loves Annie. When Katniss and Finnick are trapped in the jabberjay section of the Clock Arena, the first person Finnick hears screaming is Annie. Katniss realizes then that out of all the fangirls in the Capitol, mad Annie from District 4 is the girl Finnick really cares about.

At the end of the novel when Katniss, Finnick and Beetee are rescued by the rebels, Finnick is highly afraid that the Capitol will have harmed Annie. Haymitch assures him that as long as Finnick is alive, they will keep Annie as 'bait', so to speak. This does not comfort Finnick, but does convince him not to kill himself.

[edit] In Mockingjay

In Mockingjay it is discovered that Annie is, in fact, being held captive by the Capitol along with Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason and Enobaria. It is hoped that they won't do too much to her, since she is not exactly of sound mind. She, Peeta and Johanna are rescued and brought to District 13 partway through the story.

Annie is able to recover in the hospital and she and Finnick get married in District 13. It is a fantastic affair, with dancing and singing from the refugees from District 12, and a lovely cake decorated by the recovering Peeta. Finnick seems to be the one person who can get through to her, and he is able to help her distinguish between reality and imagination. When Peeta was having a hard time after the hijacking, Finnick told him to ask if things were true or false, telling Peeta that that was what Annie did.

When many of the rebels prepare to go to war against the Capitol, Annie stays behind in District 13. Not only is she likely unable to fight, she would probably be considered too unstable to go. Finnick doesn't tell her about their special mission as sharpshooters. After Finnick's unfortunate death in the Capitol, it is discovered Annie is carrying his baby and it's a little boy. They seem to lead a relatively happy ife after the war.

When President Alma Coin asked all the remaining past victors if they should hold a Hunger Games for the children of Capitol officials, Annie was one of the first people to say no. She also insisted that Finnick would say no as well. However, this was discredited since Finnick was no longer alive. However, it shows the nature of Annie, and how she is able to forgive and her dislike of violence.

[edit] Memorable Quotes

"I vote no, and Finnick would vote no too, if he were here."

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