Alma Coin

Alma Coin
Name Alma Coin
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Home District 13
Physical Appearance Straight silver hair
First Appearance Mockingjay
Last Appearance Mockingjay

Alma Coin is the president of District 13. She is described as having perfectly straight, silver hair with no split ends. She has a very passive personality but also presents with a cold attitude and shows a blatant dislike for Katniss Everdeen.

President Coin helped District 13 survive during all the years of the other district's suffering, but at the same time assembled military troops and camps to train them so that when the right day came, the hidden District would reveal themselves and go to war again with the Capitol.

President Coin's ultimate goal is to become President of Panem, in place of President Snow, once he is assassinated. She and Katniss Everdeen are both vying for the job of killing President Snow.

[edit] Mockingjay

When the time comes the job is granted to Katniss. However, at the last minute, rather than killing President Snow, Katniss instead shoots at Alma Coin, killing her. Katniss resented the rebel President because she allowed for all the helpless children outside President Snow's home to be killed in the first wave of bombs, then many of the rebel's helpers - including Primrose Everdeen - in the second wave. This was to make it look as if Snow was targeting children and further the rebels' cause. However, Alma Coin was killed before she could ever become president of Panem.

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