3rd Quarter Quell

The 3rd Quarter Quell is the 75th The Hunger Games. Every 25 years a Quarter Quell is held, so this is, of course, the third. It takes place in the Clock Arena.

Each Quarter Quell has a different element that makes it worse than the regular Games. For the Third Quarter Quell tributes were drawn from the existing pool of victors, to show the districts that even the strongest amongst them are vulnerable. This seems to be a direct threat to the unrest stirring in the districts, even though the Quarter Quell was supposedly planned 75 years prior when the Hunger Games started, as all the Quarter Quells were.

[edit] Tributes

As mentioned, each tribute for this Quell was a victor from past Games. Here is a list of the tributes from each district:

District Male Tribute Female Tribute
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