2nd Quarter Quell

The Second Quarter Quell

The second Quarter Quell was held on the fiftieth anniversary of the Hunger Games - twenty five years before Katniss's Quarter Quell on the seventy fifth anniversary.

As with every Quarter Quell, the rules for the second one were changed in a way that would allegedly appeal to the audience. The change that was made for the second Quell was that twice as many tributes had to be drawn at the Reaping for every district - two boys and two girls, instead of just one - meaning there were 48 tributes instead of the usual 24.

This was the year Haymitch Abernathy won. Haymitch was the only living victor in District 12 until Katniss and Peeta claimed victory. He is known for his drunken tendencies, and it is soon revealed that the reason he drinks his life away is because he is trying to drown the memories he holds of the second Quarter Quell.

The year of the second Quarter Quell was also the year that Maysilee Donnor - Mrs. Everdeen's best friend - was chosen to enter as tribute. Maysilee partnered up with Haymitch as an ally - however, she didn't live.

The second Quarter Quell was when a weak link to the Capitol's arenas was revealed. While fighting for his life in the Quell, Haymitch discovered that the force fields surrounding the arena could in fact be used as a weapon. He discovered that if you throw an item into the force field, it will shoot straight back at you. Haymitch won the Quell by dodging an axe that was thrown at him and allowing it to hit the force field, thus acting as a boomerang and killing the tribute girl who threw it.

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