Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair
Name Finnick Odair
Age 24, 25(Mockingjay)
Death Age: 25
Gender Male
Home District 4
Hair Bronze
Eyes Sea-green
Other Tall, athletic, golden skin and handsome
Weapon of choice Trident


First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Mockingjay
Portrayed by Sam Claflin

Finnick Odair is a victor from District 4, having won his first Hunger Games when he was only 14 years old (ten years before Catching Fire takes place). He was also the male tribute for his district in the 3rd Quarter Quell. It was revealed that he is in love with Annie Cresta and had Mags as a mentor during his first Hunger Games, wherein he was gifted with a trident, the most expensive gift given during the Games.

He is often shown being flirtatious, hitting on any woman around him. Once he turned 16 women all over the Capitol would flock to him when he was there watching the Games. He would give them all sorts of gifts, but he would never stay with one woman for too long. For a long time Katniss thought he enjoyed all of the attention that came for his beauty. This, however, is shown to be not quite the case in Mockingjay.


[edit] 65th Hunger Games

The 65th Hunger Games were the Games Finnick competed in, and won, when he was fourteen years old. Being from District 4 meant he was a talented fisherman. However, Finnick had a lot of sponsors because of how attractive he was, and he received every item he could possibly want, including food, weapons and medicine.

He did quite well with the spears and knives he found in the Cornucopia, but the outcome of the Games was pretty much decided when Finnick received a trident in the arena. Being from the fishing district Finnick was an expert with the trident, and also in net-making. He used vines to craft nets, and when his opponents got caught up in them he would spear them. It didn't take long after that for Finnick to become victor of the 65th Hunger Games.

[edit] In Catching Fire

[edit] Before the Quell

Finnick, along with Mags (who volunteered), were the chosen tributes for District 4 for the Quarter Quell. He met Katniss Everdeen at the Remake Center before the opening ceremonies and asked her if she wanted a sugar cube (even though they were for the horses). He flirts with her a bit (although Katniss is just revolted), and explains that he doesn't deal with money. Rather, the women he spends time with pay him in secrets. This is shown to be quite significant in Mockingjay. Finnick leaves when he sees Peeta Mellark coming over. For the opening ceremonies Finnick was wearing a golden net, which other than the knots near his crotch leaves him practically naked.

During training Finnick notices Katniss over at the knot-tying station and goes over to finish the complicated knot she's been working on. After he fashions a noose to pretend to hang himself with Katniss gets fed up and leaves. Being from District 4 - the fishing district - Finnick is particularly capable with knots, and even the most complicated ones don't seem to faze him at all. Later that day Finnick finds Katniss again and introduces her to Mags, whom Katniss ends up liking a lot.

Like all the other tributes, Finnick sees Katniss shooting down all the fake birds on the first day, and seems to be impressed. During the remainder of the public training days he gives Katniss an hour of trident lessons in return for one hour of archery lessons.

Finnick keeps the ball rolling during the interviews by reciting a poem for his own true Capitol love. Katniss comments that around a hundred people faint because they think they mean them. Of course, it is likely for Annie Cresta, even though she is not from the Capitol. She is his one true love, though.

[edit] The Quarter Quell

Finnick is the first person (other than Peeta) with whom Katniss allies during the Quarter Quell. Katniss and Peeta had decided they did not want any allies, but their mentor Haymitch Abernathy had gone behind their backs. Haymitch had given Finnick the gold band that Effie Trinket had gotten him so the whole team matched as a sign to Katniss that she was to ally with him. Katniss reluctantly agreed.

What Katniss didn't know was that Finnick was one of the many tributes who had at least some degree of knowledge about the plan to get the tributes out of the arena. Finnick, like many of the tributes, was trying to protect Katniss and Peeta until they could escape. Katniss however wanted to kill Finnick, because she didn't want to befriend anyone, knowing she wanted Peeta to win the Games.

However, Finnick does something that makes Katniss unable to kill him. He saves Peeta's life, and Katniss knows she will never stop owing him. Peeta, unaware of its presence, runs into the force field surrounding the Clock Arena and it just about kills him. Finnick, who lives around lots of water immediately gets to reviving him using CPR and mouth-to-mouth techniques. Miraculously, Peeta starts breathing again. At the time, Katniss cannot figure out why Finnick would do that - after all Peeta dead would be one less person Finnick would have to kill later. It does mean Katniss cannot kill Finnick herself, and she hopes somebody else will do it for her.

Even when Katniss, Finnick, Peeta and Mags are caught off guard by the poisonous fog, Finnick goes out of his way to help Peeta. When Peeta can no longer control his body movements Finnick carries him and asks Katniss to carry Mags, whom he'd been helping walk previously. When Katniss can no longer lift Mags, rather than saving the life of his mentor, Finnick, whose arms are no longer working, apologizes to her and continues to carry Peeta instead. Mags sacrifices herself to the fog, and dies. Mags was Finnick's mentor during his Hunger Games, and shown in the quote below, was friends with Finnick. It was really hard for Finnick to make that decision, as Johanna bluntly points out when they find her.

When Finnick and Katniss go off into the woods after they are disoriented by the spinning of the arena they come across the section with the jabberjays. Finnick hears his love, Annie Cresta screaming. When Katniss tries to calm him down saying that it's not really Annie Finnick points out that they must have gotten her voice from somewhere, and thinks she's being tortured. When the two are finally able to leave the jabberjay section (a barrier cuts off the section from the rest of the arena for the full hour), Beetee assures them that it would be possible to take any recording of a person's voice and distort it so it sounds like screaming.

Finnick seems to be particularly friends with Johanna Mason, as he often waits for her or looks for her opinion before giving his own. This is perhaps because they both have some sort of knowledge of the escape plan. They could also have gotten to know each other throughout the years as they are both victors, and would likely have met through mentoring and whatnot. Finnick does seem to have a lot of knowledge of the escape plan, because he is consistently the one who counts the bread. They recieve 24 small loaves of District 3 bread each day. This is later revealed to Katniss to mean the escape would happen on the third day (the number of district where the bread was from) and the 24th hour (the number of loaves). Beetee seems to be aware of this as well, because that's he exact time he plans to use the electricity to blow up the water by the cornucopia, and the force field.

When carrying out Beetee's plan near the end of the book, Finnick stays at the tree with Beetee and Peeta. He later runs off, probably at the sound of the cannons meaning death, looking for Johanna and Katniss. Katniss however remains hidden, because she thinks he and Johanna are in cahoots and were planning to break off from the alliance. This turns out to be completely untrue - the whole point of the alliance in the first place was to keep Katniss (and Peeta) safe. Katniss had no way of knowing this, of course.

[edit] Aftermath

Finnick is one of the three tributes rescued by the rebels. He helps explain the escape plan to Katniss, as well as the motives for helping Peeta. Many of the tributes went of their way to save his life (often risking their own), because they knew Katniss would not stay in an alliance should he die.

Finnick is also highly worried about Annie. He is afraid that the Capitol will capture her for torture - and as seen in Mockingjay he turns out to be right. Haymitch assures him that killing himself for her sake would be the worst thing he could do. As long as Finnick was alive, they would use Annie as bait. If he was dead, they had no use for her and would likely kill her. Katniss had been thinking similarly - she was running around with a syringe looking to find Peeta and kill him (and then herself) to save them from torture, before she realized she'd been rescued rather than captured.

[edit] In Mockingjay

In Mockingjay Finnick helped Katniss get over the fact that the Capitol had Peeta. During the time Finnick was in District 13 he got married to Annie Cresta. He also helped her when Peeta was hijacked and thought Katniss was a muttation, or mutt. Sadly, Finnick dies while holding off multiple mutts so Katniss and the others can escape during a mission to kill President Snow.

[edit] Memorable Quotes

"Want a sugar cube? [...] They're supposed to be for the horses, but who cares? They've got years to eat sugar, whereas you and I ... well, if we see something sweet, we better grab it quick."

  • - To Katniss the first time he meets her before the opening ceremonies of the Quell in Catching Fire

Finnick: "Oh, I haven't dealt in anything as common as money for years"
Katniss: "Then how do they pay you for the pleasure of your company?"
Finnick: "With secrets. ... What about you, girl on fire? Do you have any secrets worth my time?"

  • - Between Katniss and Finnick before the opening ceremonies in Catching Fire

"'Well, I can't leave Mags behind,' says Finnick. 'She's one of the few people who actually likes me'"

  • - In Catching Fire when Peeta, Katniss and Finnick are discussing allies

"' No, it's not Annie. But the voice was hers. Jabberjays mimic what they hear. Where did they get those screams, Katniss.'"

  • - In Catching Fire when Finnick and Katniss are in the jabberjay section of the clock
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