Name Beetee Latier
Age Unknown, but older than Wiress
Gender Male
Home District 3
Hair Black
Other Small stature, ashen skin, wears glasses
First Appearance Catching Fire
Last Appearance Mockingjay

Beetee Latier is a victor from District 3, and he is the male tribute from his district for the 3rd Quarter Quell. Beetee is extremely intelligent and very good with electrical things and other technologies. District 3 is known for their electrical goods, and Beetee himself is an inventor. He also seemed to be quite close to Wiress and often completed her sentences for her when she dropped them.


[edit] In Catching Fire

Beetee and Wiress meet Katniss during training for the 3rd Quarter Quell at the firemaking station. This is when Beetee tells Katniss about a tiny chip he has created that can store hours of songs even though it is "tiny enough to be concealed in a flake of glitter". This seems to be very similar to a modern-day iPod, though much much smaller. Katniss remembers Octavia complaining about a shortage of the chips, and brings this up with Beetee. He agrees that there have been a lot of backups in production in District 3, supporting Katniss' suspicions of an uprising there. Beetee asks Katniss about similar backups in District 12, but she responds that they had had no coal backups, which meant that her district was not rebelling.

Beetee is also there when Wiress shows Katniss the 'chink' in the force field, and has to explain things when Wiress continuously drops her sentences. The chink, which is a small square of visible waves, comes into play in the Clock Arena.

During the interviews, Beetee adds to the momentum started by Cashmere and Gloss by questioning if the Quell is even legal, and whether or not it had been completely examined.

[edit] 3rd Quarter Quell

[edit] In Mockingjay

[edit] Memorable Quotes

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